Push Button Start Project

I’ve decided that I want to have push button start in my 2007 Pontiac Vibe. My girlfriend’s Kia Sorrento has it and i drive it often enough that I’m jealous.

My project has a few basic requirements/desires:
-remove the need for a key to be manually turned to start the car
-maintain as many of the existing safety and anti-theft systems as possible
-allow all the traditional ignition stages to be

I scoured the interwebs looking for examples of other people doing the same thing. There are a lot of options out there, from simply directly wiring a switch/button into your ignition harness, to one-size-fits-most kits to complete DIY solutions.

I quickly crossed any “quick solutions” like hard wiring a button to the starter relay or anything like that. That would still require me to put the key in the ignition each time!

While there are a great deal of kits that offer what I’m looking for (with even more features like Passive Keyless Entry and Remote Start) part of the fun of this project is to tinker and solve it myself!

So that leaves a complete DIY solution. While this will certainly be more challenging and potentially more costly, it will allow me to customize functionality to fit my car and my needs.

My searches turned up a page on Civic Junkie’s website (How To Install a Start Button) that seems right up my alley. He basically used an Arduino ¬†(read more¬†here) a start button from a Mazda 3 and some relays to add a push button start to his Honda CRX.


As luck would have it, i recieved an Ardunio Uno starter kit for Christmas two years ago…


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